"The food is great," he said. "It's the only place in Saskatoon offering dosas."

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When I started this gig reviewing restaurants, I never imagined I’d be dining in the food court of a shopping mall.

Most food courts have less atmosphere than a boarding school cafeteria, and the tenants are franchises and chains. Call me parochial, but I prefer to sample the efforts of local chefs and restaurateurs.

However, over the Christmas holiday season, a guest at a party cornered me and insisted that I simply must try Samosa King in the food court of The Centre Mall.

“The food is great,” he said. “It’s the only place in Saskatoon offering dosas.”

What’s a dosa, I wondered? Obviously, I had to go.

Since the party in question was at the house of my friends, Gail and Jeff, I invited them to a dinner date in the mall.

Before I continue, I must say something about the food court at The Centre Mall: It’s not half bad.

It’s bright and clean, with real tables and chairs (not those awkward contraptions that are welded together) with a gas fireplace and a nod to interior design. Think of it as a big, busy well-lit restaurant.

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